Yun Huang (Co-Director)

Prof. Huang's interests include crowdsourcing systems, human computer interaction, mobile applications and systems, inclusive web and cloud computing.

Yang Wang (Co-Director)

Prof. Wang's interests focus on privacy and security, social computing, and public policy issues, especially those regarding privacy.

Affiliated Faculty

Wenliang (Kevin) Du

Prof. Du's interests include system security and security education.

Jeff Hemsley

Prof. Hemsley's interests include information flows in social media networks, with an emphasis on social movements and political events.

R. David Lankes

Prof. Lankes’s interest is transforming librarianship around the mission of improving society through facilitating knowledge creation in communities.

Ines Mergel, Maxwell School

Prof. Mergel's interests focus on the managerial and technological processes in the implementation and institutionalization of innovative public management practices, especially the adoption of new technologies.

Jian Qin

Prof. Qin's interests include metadata, knowledge and data modeling, scientific communication, research networks, and research data management.

Bryan Semaan

Prof. Semaan's interests span computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), human-computer interaction (HCI), and social computing/social media.

Corey White, Department of Psychology

Prof. White's interests focus on understanding how the brain allows us to adapt the way we make decisions.

Advisory Board

Lorrie Faith Cranor, ACM Fellow, Federal Trade Commission Chief Technologist, Professor at Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Prof. Cranor brings deep expertise in usable privacy and security, technology and public policy.

Kevin Crowston, Distinguished Professor of Information Science

Prof. Crowston lends his vision, range of experience and extensive expertise in citizen science and free/libre open source software development.

Ping Zhang, Founding Co Editor-in-Chief, (AIS THCI)

Prof. Zhang advises research involved in theories in HCI, such as affective, cognitive, motivational and behavioral aspects of individual reactions towards ICT.


Ph.D. Students

Yaxing Yao (PhD student, iSchool, IoT privacy, 2015-present)
Natã Barbosa (PhD student, iSchool, accessible authentication, 2016-present)
Qunfang Wu (PhD student, iSchool, Data Science, 2016-present)
Yisi Sang (PhD student, iSchool, Data Science, 2018-present)
Bryan Dosono (PhD student, iSchool, accessible authentication, 2014-2016)
Brian J Dobreski (PhD student, iSchool, CAN project, 2014-2016)
Corey Jackson (PhD student, iSchool, Human Library Project, 2014-2017)
Alain Shema (PhD student, iSchool, Data Science, 2015-2017)
Huichuan Xia (PhD student, iSchool, crowdsourcing privacy, 2014-2017)
Danushka Bandara (PhD student, EECS)

Visiting Scholars

Ruojia Wang (PhD student, Peking University, Data Science, 2018-present)
Lu Zhang (PhD student, Peking University, Data Science, 2018-present)
Davide Lo Re (PhD student, Sapienza Universit Di Roma, Privacy Mirror, 2016-2017)
Xingzhi Guo (master student, National Taiwan University, Indoor Map, 2016-2017)

M.S. Students

Jennifer Lynne Bort (MS, EE)
Honey Kakkar (MS, EE)
Ankita Dhawan (MS, iSchool)
Xing Huang (MS iSchool)
Yifeng Huang (MS iSchool)
Xiao Li (MS iSchool)
Amandine Lemonnier (MS iSchool)
Chang Liu (MS)
Kan Tao (EECS Masters, Developer)
Qi Wang (MS iSchool)
Ran Wang (MS iSchool)
Junkai Yang (EECS Masters, Developer)
Jieke Zhang (MS iSchool)
Xinzhu Zhang (MS iSchool)

Undergraduate Students

Charles Preuss (iSchool)
Cheng Ji (CS, designer)
Yu Sun (CS, developer)
Zhihan Wang(iSchool)
Levin Huang (CS, RPI, 2016 Summer Intern)
Eddie Huang (CS, UIUC, 2016 Summer Intern)


Ying Tang (Pyschology Dept Ph.D., now faculity at Youngstown State University )
Elliot Tan (Princeton University Undergraduate, iSchool 2014 Summer Intern)
Nandhini Ragunathan (MS iSchool, first appointment, Bank of America)
Yao Li (MS iSchool, now a PhD student in informatics at UC-Irvine)
Gege Gao (MS iSchool, now a PhD student in Human Computer Interaction at Indiana University Bloomington)

Terence Nip (undergrad, McNair Scholar, now a masters student in computer science at UIUC)

Zhiyi Gan (undergrad, now a masters student at University of Pennsylvania
Ryan Pierson (undergrad, first appointment, Director of Design and Marketing at Headwater Foods

Zhiheng Mai (MS, first appointment, engineer at alarm.com)
Saurabh Madan (MS iSchool, first appointment, engineer at Quicken Loans)
Roshan Kothari (MS iSchool, first appointment, IT Security Analyst at Securonix)
Zhining Gao (undergrad, iSchool)
Jing Zhu (MS iSchool, first appointment, Systek Engineer/Business Analyst at Bloomberg)

Jingbo Zhang (MS iSchool, first appointment, Technology Advisory Consultant at EY)
Qingjie Zhao (MS iSchool, first appointment, J2EE Engineer at Aerify Media)
Yanhao Wang (EECS Masters, first appointment, Facebook)
Qianyi Wang (MS iSchool, first appointment, Production Artist at Schawk)
Ankit Vasa (MS iSchool, first appointment, Database Analyst and Admin, Nasdaq)
Jiahang Xin (EECS Masters, first appointment, Software Engineer at Fortinet)
Swathi Hrishikesh (EECS Masters, first appointment, Member of Technical Staff at Hedvig Inc.)

Sen Huo (MS iSchool, first appointment, FairCom NY)
Na Xue (MS iSchool, first appointment, Application Developer at Lifion, by ADP)
Chao Niu (MS iSchool, first appointment, Business Intelligence Developer at EPE Innovations)

Zhaolu Meng (MS iSchool, first appointment, Business Intelligence Developer at EPE Innovations)

Jyoti Kabra (MS, first appointment, Associate Product Manager at Jivox)
Varun Jain (MS, Member of Technical Staff at VMware)
Prateek Hiremath (MS, Software Engineer at FastBridge Learning)
Rahulkumar Gaddam (MS, IOS Developer at Euphony, Inc.)
Nicholas Krapf (BS, Industrial and Interactive Design)
Kexin Xiang (MS, iSchool)
Xiaofu Liu (MS)
Jordan Hayes (BS, iSchool)
Sarah Winslow Folger (undergrad, School of Design, Service Design Associate at Education Design Lab)